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Our Past Club events


The Human Table Football Challenge

We are incredibly proud of and grateful to all the teams who came to participate in this event, and also to all their supporters who helped to make the event a success!

The Minster Men team for the Human Table Football challenge!

The Leger Ladies Legends team for the Human Table Football challenge.

The reigning champions of 2016 throw down the gauntlet to new teams for 2017.

Our trailer for our successful concert at Doncaster Minster, March 2017



Our Club members out and about

One of our club members attended the 100 year birthday celebrations of Rotary in the UK, coupled with the 100 year birthday of the Rotary Club of Cardiff.

Our club member Alicia Reade attended the conference in Manchester where Abbey Booker, above was presented with her award. Click to see Alicia’s personal and unique experiences in Manchester.

Whilst at the conference in Manchester in 2017, previous Young Citizen winner Grace O’Malley and veteran Denis Shiels performed this moving duet, filmed by one of our club members.

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