Jubilee Park, Hatfield.

Project Description

We happily progressed our work at Jubilee Park in Hatfield by planting trees 250 trees on 24th March 2018. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in further work there!

We were pleased to see many from our club and also from the local community turn up with wellies and spades to help in this worthwhile local improvement.

Some of our club members also came along with some very welcomed refreshments!




Jubilee Park, Hatfield Oct Nov 2017 Trees s

The Rotary Club of Doncaster has started work on a number of improvements to Jubilee Park at Hatfield. With agreement from the Town Council they have started pruning existing trees to lift their crowns and improve their appearance.This will also avoid damage to the lower branches, which could lead to disease and rot affecting the main trunks and eventually killing the trees.
The next stage will be the provision of a ditch to prevent access by quad bikes and other vehicles which have caused damage and nuisance to other users of the Park. The Council will also provide proper access barriers at entry points on North Ings Road.
Finally, it is hoped to plant new trees above the ditch to improve the general appearance and to attract wildlife.
The park is a tremendous asset to local residents for dog walking, exercise, games and fresh air. It is a wonderful green space, on our doorstep, that needs looking after said Rotarian Peter Wyatt, who lives in Hatfield.

Jan 2018 Update

Work has now been completed on the provision of a ditch along part of the Northern boundary of Jubilee Park. The Rotary Club of Doncaster, who commissioned the project, and Hatfield Town Council, would like to thank Evans Builders and Civils Ltd of Wadworth for their excellent work.

Hatfield Council will now provide steel access points on North Ings Road.

On 3rd March The Rotary Club will plant 250 trees (whips) in the Park. Anyone wishing to help should attend at the car park at 10.30 with a spade!



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